• Even though there is enough ROM capacity in segment 0, the following error occurs at build time.

    Error E015: Segment not allocated '$$XFTABxctype'
    • The'$$XFTABxctype' table segment that failed to be allocated is defined in the RTLU8 runtime library.
      This segment is assigned the attribute ANY, which means it does not limit the physical segment to allocate.
      This error occurs because a segment with a higher allocation priority than the TABLE segment of the ANY attribute occupies the ROMWINDOW area at the time of linking.
      To avoid the error, specify /TABLE (0 $$XFTABxctype) to increase the allocation priority of the $$XFTABxctype segment in the linker option.
      For the linker options, refer to " /CODE, /TABLE, /DATA, /BIT, /NVDATA, /NVBIT" in the "MACU8 Assembler Package User's Manual".

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