• Please tell me a reference material about how to describe in assembly language.
    • For details on how to write in assembly language, see "2. Programming Basics" in the MACU8 Assembler Package User's Manual.
      Please refer to Chapter 3 and after if necessary.
      For the assembly language mnemonics, see the nX-U16 Core Instruction Manual.
      These documents are included in the U8/U16 Development Tools installation package and are stored in the DocFiles\Manuals\en folder.
      If you installed U8/U16 Development Tools, you can also refer to them from the Windows Start menu.
      In addition, as a program described in assembly language, there is a startup file prepared for each microcontroller.
      For details on the contents of the startup file, see the application note "ML62Q1000 Series start-up File" posted on the support site.

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