• Why is a DSP built in? And what are the advantages? (Applicable model: BM5446EFV)
    • LCD TVs are not only getting larger, they are becoming increasingly thin as well.
      These design trends severely restrict both speaker placement and size. This results in a number of problems, including no sound or poor audio quality. In response to this ROHM developed the BM5446EFV that integrates a DSP along with a number of original audio functions, including:
      1.A parametric equalizer that corrects speaker frequency characnteristics
      2.P2Bass for powerful low-frequency playback
      2.P2Treble that raises the sound stage for low-positioned speakers
      2.P2Volume, designed to amplify sounds when sounds are compressed or small
      Additional audio functions are also included, such as volume/tone control and surround sound.