• How do you estimate the variation for reset ICs, including the detection voltage temperature?
    • The rate of change per 1C is indicated by the temperature coefficient [VDET/ΔT][ppm/℃]. The detection voltage at ambient temperature Ta is VDET(Ta)=VDET(25℃)×(1+((Ta-25℃)×Tc/1000000)). In order to approximate the variation including the temperature, with a variation of ±1% and temperature coefficient Tc=±360ppm/℃ at ambient temperature Ta the detection voltage VDET can be estimated as
      • VDET(max)=VDET×1.01+VDET×1.01×|Ta-25|×360/1000000
      • VDET(min)=VDET×0.99-VDET×0.99×|Ta-25|×360/1000000
      . Refer to the datasheet regarding the variation that takes into account the detection voltage of the BD52xxG-2C/BD53xxG-2C series along with the BD71L4L-1 overvoltage detection IC.
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