• What is the operation of the output of high-side switch ICs when overcurrent is detected?
    • After overcurrent is detected the output switches to a current limited state and the restricted current is output. The output voltage at that time is calculated by 'Overcurrent Limit Value (Short-Circuit Output Current) x Load Resistance Component'. If this condition continues the chip temperature will increase and the thermal shutdown circuit will operate to switch OFF the output. Thermal shutdown is cancelled when the temperature decreases. For the following latch-type models, after overcurrent detection the outgoes to a current-limited state and limited current is output. If this condition continues and the time specified by the /OC output delay time comes, the latch turns OFF and no current is output.

      Target Models: BD6538G, BD2220G, BD2221G, BD6538G-LB, BD2220G-LB, BD2221G-LB

    • Products: 1 Channel High Side Switch ICs