BU91R64CH-M - Documentation

BU91R64CH-M3BW is a 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 Duty or Static COG type LCD driver that can be used for automotive applications and can drive up to 320 LCD Segments. This driver can be cascaded up-to maximum of 4 drivers for larger LCD panel application. It supports VA LCD displays, which has better optical performance with higher LCD voltage driving and higher frame frequency driving. This driver includes read function for display data and command registers, wherein it is possible to detect malfunction due to noise. It can also support other error detections such as interface checksum detection, glass breaking detection, logic error detection and SEG / COM toggle detection. A defective mounting of COG can easily be controlled by using terminals to measure ITO resistance. It can support operating temperature of up to +105°C and compliant for AEC-Q100, as required for Automotive Application.

Application Note

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