Low Duty LCD Segment Drivers for Automotive Applications

ROHM's automotive LCD segment drivers are designed for automotive applications with high optical performance, high reliability and high ESD robustness.
These products can support VA LCD displays, which has better optical performance with higher LCD voltage driving and higher frame frequency driving. These products can support GPO/PWM function for LED backlighting and LED button illumination realizing less flicker by various frequency setting function, and also support maximum 30 keyscan function (which detects keypress operation) to reduce PCB wiring and to minimize microcontroller size and cost.
ROHM can offer suitable LCD drivers from a wide range of solutions, from 20 x 4 up to 66 x 8 with various packages such as Wettable Flanks QFN small package, QFP package, SSOP package and also COG type.
ROHM has many products that can support operation temperature up to 105C and are AEC-Q100 qualified, which is required by automotive standards.

Application: Instrument Clusters, Climate Controls, Car Audio, Car Radios