LCD Controller Drivers

The ML9092-01/02/03/04 are LCD drivers that have internal RAM and a key scan function. They are best suited for car audio displays.
Since 1-bit data of the display data RAM corresponds to the light-on or light-off of 1-dot of the LCD panel (a bit map system), a flexible display is possible.
A graphic display system of a maximum of 60☓10 dots (56☓10 dots for ML9092-01, 60☓10 dots for
ML9092-02/03/04). can be implemented.
The ML9092-01/02 do not require any power supply circuit to drive the LCD, because they have internal voltage doublers. (If a large-sized panel is driven, use the ML9092-03, to which the LCD driving voltage is supplied externally.)
The internal key scan circuit (5☓5 key scanning for ML9092-01/04, 6☓4 key scanning for ML9092-02/03) has eliminated the needs of key scanning by the CPU, thereby enabling the efficient use of the CPU ports.

Product Detail

Part Number | ML9092-01
Status | Recommended
Package | TQFP100
RoHS | Yes


Logic Supply Voltage[V]

4.5 to 5.5

Driver Supply Voltage[V]

4.5 to 16.5

Operating temperature[°C]

-40 to85

Max. No. of Segment Outputs


Max. Driving Display Size

56 x 10 dot

Internal Oscillation Frame Frequency[Hz]



Integrated RAM / Boost circuit / PWM

Halogen Free Support


Automotive Grade


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