LCD Controller Drivers

matrix graphic LCD display panel under the control of an 8-bit microcomputer (hereinafter described MPU).
Since all the functions necessary for driving a bit map type LCD device are incorporated in a single chip, using the ML9058E makes it possible to realize a bit map type dot matrix graphic LCD display system with only a few chips.
Since the bit map method in which one bit of display RAM data turns ON or OFF one dot in the display panel, it is possible to carry out displays with a high degree of freedom such as Chinese character displays, etc. With one chip, it is possible to construct a graphic display system with a maximum of 65☓132 dots. The display can be expanded further using two chips. However, the ML9058E is not used in a multiple chip configuration when a line reversal drive is set.
The ML9058E is made using a CMOS process. Because it has a built-in RAM, low power consumption is one of its features, and is therefore suitable for displays in battery-operated portable equipment.
The ML9058E has 65 common signal outputs and 132 segment signal outputs and one chip can drive a display of up to 65☓132 dots.

Product Detail

Part Number | ML9058E
Status | Recommended
Package | Au bump chip
RoHS | Yes


Logic Supply Voltage[V]

3.7 to 5.5

Driver Supply Voltage[V]

6 to 18

Operating temperature[°C]

-40 to85

Max. No. of Segment Outputs


Max. Driving Display Size

132 x 65 dot

Internal Oscillation Frame Frequency[Hz]



Integrated RAM / Boost circuit

Halogen Free Support


Automotive Grade


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