Standard Operational Amplifiers: Automotive Excellent EMI Characteristics Input/output Rail-to-Rail

ROHM BD8758xYxxx-C is the automotive-grade input/output Rail-to-Rail opamp that deliver breakthrough EMI tolerance (noise immunity) for automotive systems using sensors along with core systems for EVs and HEVs.
This series features superior noise immunity that suppresses output voltage fluctuation in all frequency bands to less than 1/10 with conventional products. As a result, installing in the subsequent stage of devices that output micro-signals such as sensors will make it possible to amplify signals without being affected by noise, eliminating the need for noise countermeasures such as filters.
The entire lineup is AEC-Q100 qualified, ensuring automotive-grade reliability, and delivers wide operating voltage range with 4V to 14V, and features high slew rate and low input bias current.