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TFT LCD Drivers

Our display drivers have been adopted in a wide range of applications, from large screen TVs,PC monitor,Note PC, Tablet, instrument displays in automotive systems ,and industrial equipment.


Products Gray Scale Driver Output I/F PKG Typical Uses
Source Driver Large-sized TFT LCD 10bit
to 1440 mini-LVDS
Point to point
COF LCD TV, PC Monitor, Note PC
Source Driver Small-Midium-sized TFT LCD 8bit
to 1920 mini-LVDS
Point to point
COG Note PC, Tablet PC
Industrial equipment, Automotive display
Gate Driver Large-sized TFT LCD - to 540 CMOS COF LCD TV, PC Monitor, Note PC
Gate Driver Small-Midium-sized - to 1920 CMOS COG Industrial equipment, Automotive display

Supporting Information


TFT LCD Driver


In TFT LCD, various driving methods are used to optimize display quality for each application, such as TV, monitors (medical, gaming, general use, etc.), laptops, tablet computers, industrial equipment, and automotive displays.
We design each product individually to meet user request specifications and application requirements.

Please contact us for more information on customization
because this product is often customized.

Product Features

Feature 1High-speed output to uniformly charge large, high-resolution LCD panel

A larger size LCD has larger wiring resistance and larger capacitance.
In addition, a higher resolution panel requires to be charged in a shorter time.
LAPIS TECHNOLOGY™'s display drivers realize uniform and fast pixel charging for 8K 120Hz, 75-inch, and larger panels with the unique technology of panel load charging.

Feature 2High-speed interface driver for gaming monitors with high refresh rates

Gaming monitors require a higher refresh rate *1 in order to display video smoothly.The higher the refresh rate, the shorter the time required to write the display data.
LAPIS TECHNOLOGY™'s display drivers use high-speed point-to-point interface technology *2 (4Gbps), which enables large amounts of display data transfer in a short time.Our products have been used in many panels with high refresh rates such as 360Hz.
We also support a variety of interface methods to meet customer needs.

*1 Number of times the display is drawn in one second.
*2 Interface method between timing controller output and display driver input by one-to-one.

Feature 3Special functions for automotive display applications

In automotive display, it is needed to ensure automotive quality, reduce the number of signal and power wires, and provide long-distance wiring.We will meet these needs with a unique point-to-point interface that reduces wiring number and enables long-distance transmission, as well as an anomaly detection function to ensure automotive quality.
They can be applied to horizontal panels where the cluster and center information display are integrated.


LAPIS Technology TFT LCD Driver Applications

LAPIS TECHNOLOGY™'s TFT LCD drivers are used for TV, various monitors (medical, gaming, general, etc.), note PCs, tablet PC, industrial equipment, and automotive displays.

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