ROHM’s New TRCDRIVE pack™ with 2-in-1 SiC Molded Module:
Significantly Reduces the Size of xEV Inverters
Achieves industry-leading* power density by integrating 4th Generation SiC MOSFETs in a compact package

*ROHM June 11th, 2024 study


ROHM has developed four models as part of the TRCDRIVE pack™ series with 2-in-1 SiC molded modules (two of 750V-rated: BSTxxxD08P4A1x4, two of 1,200V-rated: BSTxxxD12P4A1x1) optimized for xEV (electric vehicles) traction inverters. TRCDRIVE pack™ supports up to 300kW and features high power density and a unique terminal configuration - help solving the key challenges of traction inverters in terms of miniaturization, higher efficiency, and fewer person-hours.

As the electrification of cars rapidly advances towards achieving a decarbonized society, the development of electric powertrain systems that are more efficient, compact, and lightweight is currently progressing. However, for SiC power devices that are attracting attention as key components, achieving low loss in a small size has been a difficult challenge. ROHM solves these issues inside powertrains with its TRCDRIVE pack™.

A trademark brand for ROHM SiC molded type modules developed specifically for traction inverter drive applications, TRCDRIVE pack™ reduces size by utilizing a unique structure that maximizes heat dissipation area. On top, ROHM’s 4th Generation SiC MOSFETs with low ON resistance are built in - resulting in an industry-leading power density 1.5 times higher than that of general SiC molded modules while greatly contributing to the miniaturization of inverters for xEVs.

The modules are also equipped with control signal terminals using press fit pins enabling easy connection by simply pushing the gate driver board from the top, reducing installation time considerably. In addition, low inductance (5.7nH) is achieved by maximizing the current path and utilizing a two-layer bus-bar structure for the main wiring, contributing to lower losses during switching.

TRCDRIVE pack™ Features / Comparison of TRCDRIVE pack™ vs Standard SiC Modules


Despite developing modules, ROHM has established a mass production system similar to discrete products, making it possible to increase production capacity by 30 times compared to conventional SiC case-type modules. To obtain samples, please contact a sales representative or visit the contact page on ROHM’s website.

Product Lineup

TRCDRIVE pack™ is scheduled to be launched by March 2025 with a lineup of 12 models in different package sizes (Small / Large) and mounting patterns (TIM: heat dissipation sheet / Ag sinter). In addition, ROHM is developing a 6-in-1 product with built-in heat sink that is expected to facilitate rapid traction inverter design and model rollout tailored to a variety of design specifications.

Part No. Absolute Max. Ratings (Tj=25°C) Heat Sink
Module Type AQG 324
DC Current
AC Current
NewBST500D08P4A104 750 2.0 506 417 TIM: heat
dissipation sheet
Small A type (Small)
A type (Small)
(41.6mm × 52.5mm)
☆BST500D08P4A114 429 Ag Sinter
NewBST400D12P4A101 1,200 2.8 394 326 TIM: heat
dissipation sheet
☆BST400D12P4A111 336 Ag Sinter
NewBST740D08P4A154 750 1.4 738 634 TIM: heat
dissipation sheet
Large A type (Large)
A type (Large)
(58.6mm × 52.5mm)
☆BST1040D08P4A156 1.0 1,039 736
☆BST740D08P4A164 1.4 738 659 Ag Sinter
☆BST1040D08P4A166 1.0 1,039 771
NewBST580D12P4A151 1,200 1.9 575 475 TIM: heat
dissipation sheet
☆BST780D12P4A153 1.2 778 571
☆BST580D12P4A161 1.9 575 494 Ag Sinter
☆BST780D12P4A163 1.2 778 593

*1: Tc=60°C, VGS=18V *2: Tf=65°C, VDC=800V/500V, fsw=10kHz, Modulation=0.9, Power factor=0.9

☆: Under Development
AQG 324 is a qualification standard for automotive power modules established by ECPE (European Center for Power Electronics).
European automakers are required to comply with this standard when considering adoption.

Application Examples

・ Automotive traction inverters

Sales Information

Availability: June 2024 (OEM quantities)
Pricing: $550/unit (samples, excluding tax)

Comprehensive Support

ROHM is committed to providing application-level support, including the use of in-house motor testing equipment. A variety of supporting materials are also offered, such as simulations and thermal designs that enable quick evaluation and adoption of TRCDRIVE pack™ products. Two evaluation kits are available as well, one for double-pulse testing and the other for 3-phase full bridge applications, enabling evaluation in similar conditions as practical inverter circuits.
For details, please contact a sales representative or visit the contact page on ROHM’s website.

TRCDRIVE pack™ Features

EcoSiC™ Brand

EcoSiC™ is a brand of devices that utilize silicon carbide (SiC), which is attracting attention in the power device field for performance that surpasses silicon (Si). ROHM independently develops technologies essential for the evolution of SiC, from wafer fabrication and production processes to packaging, and quality control methods. At the same time, we have established an integrated production system throughout the manufacturing process, solidifying our position as a leading SiC supplier.


TRCDRIVE pack™ and EcoSiC™ are trademarks or registered trademarks of ROHM Co., Ltd.


Traction Inverter
Traction motors in electric cars are driven by 3-phase AC power with a phase shift of 120°. Traction inverters convert direct current supplied from the battery into 3-phase alternating current.
To convert DC into 3-phase AC, one high-side and one low-side MOSFET are required per phase for switching. A 2-in-1 configuration combines both of these MOSFETs into a single module.
Operating Principle of a Drive Motor


Compact, Single-Sided High Heat Dissipation
Molded Power Modules for Traction Inverter Drive
TRCDRIVE pack™ (PDF: 1.1MB)