ROHM at electronica 2022: Providing Electronic Solutions for the Future


ROHM looks back at a vibrant time during electronica 2022. Besides technological highlights it was especially the human touch that made the fair valuable to ROHM.

After four years ROHM showcased at electronica 2022 in Munich again – and it was well worth the wait. Next to various technological highlights and innovations, the trade fair proved one thing above all: It’s all about the people! Nothing can replace face-to-face conversations.

“The electronica tradeshow in Munich is one of the most important trade fairs in the electronics industry worldwide. Especially after the long break, we aimed to demonstrate that ROHM is ready for the challenges of the future,” says Wolfram Harnack, President of ROHM Semiconductor Europe. “On top, we were delighted to give people from all over the world opportunities for spontaneous conversations, technological discoveries and effective networking on our ROHM booth.”

Everything in sight: Wolfram Harnack on ROHM’s two-storey booth at electronica


The international character of the exhibition was also especially proven by the high-ranking guests: Isao Matsumoto, President, CEO of ROHM Co., Ltd., came all the way from Japan to enjoy the trade show. Besides meeting many European customers and media representatives, he awarded FUTURE ELECTRONICS (Link to press release) with the “Distributor of the Year Award”.


On our booth ROHM - Isao Matsumoto, President, CEO of ROHM Co., Ltd. (left) – awarded FUTURE ELECTRONICS - Karim Khebere, Corporate VP & Managing Director EMEA of FUTURE ELECTRONICS (right) – with the Distributor of the Year award.

Solutions for a Sustainable Future

The importance of semiconductor and electronic components – ROHM’s core products – is increasing, especially as we work towards achieving a decarbonized society, which is a pressing issue to secure the future for the generations to come.

On its futuristic designed booth C3-520, ROHM experts presented its cutting-edge solutions for the key technologies of our time – revolving around energy-saving, miniaturization, functional safety, innovation, and sustainability. Under its statement “Electronics for the Future” the company demonstrated with multimedia installations how it solves social and ecological challenges through its high-quality technology.

Vibrant atmosphere on our electronica ROHM booth.


In line with one of electronica fair's  focus themes – energy efficiency – ROHM has presented heat pump solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial use. Heat pumps are used for the room heating-cooling and for heating the water for supplying hot water with a minimum use of electricity. This way, they save energy and generate heat with zero CO2 emissions. “Heat pumps absorb the energy from air or from ground source which is free of cost, and it requires only a minimum electricity for its operation,” says Rony Karim, Application Marketing Manager for industrial segments. ROHM highly emphasizes its innovation on semiconductor technologies for designing low loss and cost-effective eco-friendly heat pumps. “We are offering SiC 4G and IGBT solutions for PFC and for power stages. Our portfolio contains a wide range of low – medium voltage Si MOSFETs, diodes and plenty of analog ICs for pumps, fans and Auxiliary power supply solutions,” Rony Karim continues.

ROHM specialist for heat pumps: Rony Karim

Compact, Energy-Saving Products for Functional Safety

Another important topic revolves around the automotive sector. Here, too, energy savings, but of course also safety, play a major role. Among other things, ROHM showed LED drivers for local dimming in automotive displays: With local dimming, the brightness of the LED array of the display's backlight is adapted to the respective image. Bright areas of the image will correspond to bright backlight zones. Thady Bruton, Senior Application engineer at ROHM, explained: "This improves the overall energy efficiency by using the backlight LEDs only when required." In addition, the contrast and black level is significantly improved.

In spotlight: Local dimming application at our ROHM booth


Also, ROHM exhibited camera PMICs. The continuing evolution of ADAS in recent years has increased the number of onboard cameras. At the same time, introducing the concept of functional safety is taking on greater importance, as the failure of even one camera can lead to a serious accident, making it imperative for manufacturers of cars and vehicle components – including semiconductor suppliers – to comply with the international safety standard ISO 26262.


A radio-controlled (RC) car model with cameras demonstrated the benefits of the PMIC.


Of course, ROHM’s automotive PMICs of the BD868xxMUF-C series are complying to ISO 26262. At the trade fair, ROHM showed a radio-controlled (RC) car model in which four cameras with the PMIC were installed. Thus, visitors could see for themselves how small and high performant the PMICs are.

ROHM’s Keynote Speech and Conference Presentations

But ROHM was not only represented at the trade fair itself: ROHM employees also demonstrated their expertise at the accompanying conferences and forums. For example, Wolfram Harnack gave a keynote speech about “Silicon Carbide Global Supply Chain and the Impact on E-mobility Development” at the electronica automotive conference 2022.

Wolfram Harnack held a “Silicon Carbide Global Supply Chain and the Impact on E-mobility Development” at the electronica automotive conference 2022.


ROHM was also represented at the Embedded Platform Conference with three presentations: Kenichi Yosimochi spoke on “New GaN solutions with EcoGaN”, Makoto Murata on “High-speed & accuracy power device waveform simulation method” and Kazuhiro Murakami on “Sustainable IoT: ultra-low power consumption & ultra-thin rechargeable battery IC”.

At the Power Electronics Forum, Aly Mashaly was part of a panel discussion on wide-bandgap semiconductors. Kevin Lenz gave a presentation on „Onboard charger development with the latest SiC technology”.

After four eventful and vibrant days at the trade fair, Wolfram Harnack drew a very positive conclusion: "Our presence at electronica almost felt as it did before the pandemic. All visitors were happy to be able to watch the demos live and we witnessed some insights and discoveries that would probably never have happened without a live trade fair. All in all, we are more than satisfied with our stay in Munich!"



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