Celebrating Innovation and Excellence


Recently, ROHM Semiconductor Europe celebrated a special two-day event in Rheinland and Ruhrgebiet area.

On the first day all EU staff met in our European Headquarters in Willich, near Düsseldorf, to introduce innovative and excellent projects to each other within a poster session.

Our President Wolfram Harnack and Sandra Weber, Spokesperson Value Stories of the Innovation and Excellence Event team, welcomed the European ROHM team to the “Innovation and Excellence Day 2023”.

The result was a very diverse exhibition: From locally developed product demonstrators to customer service campaigns and employee motivation activities, a wide variety of projects were presented. Whether sales, logistics or the quality laboratory – many departments took part with their highlights for innovative solutions or excellent results. Overall, the employees showcased over 20 projects.

Our European team showcased over 20 projects.

In the afternoon, after the employees have had the opportunity to look at all their colleagues' contributions and talk to the project owners, everyone was asked to choose the team that they thought had presented the most innovative or excellent idea. In the end, 105 employees voted for the three top winners who received the “Innovator of the Year award”.

Voting Time 😊.


The Winners

The first prize was awarded to the organizers of the Children’s Day 2023: to our HR colleague Katrin Troll-Mateiu and our apprentice Kübra Ilis.

The winners of the Innovation and Excellence Day 2023: Katrin Troll-Mateiu (r.) and Kübra Ilis.

In summer 2023, they have provided children of the ROHM employees the chance to explore their parents' workspace in Willich office.

The second place was shared by Karim Zbiba, Senior Field Application Engineer, and ROHM’s Spanish team led by Jaime Manent, Office Manager Spain and Portugal.

Karim Zbiba showcased a multi display demo highlighting functional safety real use cases in automotive driver and central information display applications. The demos include ROHM Bridge IC system EVKs as well as ROHM Quad Deserializer Board with four camera modules – designed in Europe.

Our Spanish team showed how important is to be listening to the “voice of customer – as one the most important pillars that we should take into consideration to drive in the right way our mutual business development,” recalls Jaime Manent, Office Manager Spain and Portugal at ROHM. During the event team Spain shared appreciative messages they received from some of their customers. “They express their opinion on how they assimilate our values of Innovation and Excellence from their perspective,” Jaime Manent concludes.

Karim Zbiba and team Spain were awarded to the second place.

On top, our European team had the chance to participate in a power lab tour to explore ROHM’s instruments for testing measurements.

Our European staff enjoyed a tour through the Power Lab.

Furthermore, our local Quality Assurance team organized a fun competition to enhance knowledge about ESD and its impact on electronic parts. The colleague with the highest voltage was elected as "Mr. and Ms. High Voltage" through friction tests conducted with packaging sample bags against various materials such as clothes, balloons, or plastic.

Our Quality Assurance team organized a competition to select “Mr. and Ms. High Voltage”.


ROHM Company Outing 2023

On the next day, it went high up for our European team as they competed within top golf tournaments against each other. Some of our colleagues also tried their luck within several kicker and table-tennis sessions.

Teamwork: Our European colleagues enjoyed several sporty tournaments.

Crowning of the day was the subsequent award ceremony and festivity at a location in Düsseldorf.
A big THANKS to all organizers and enablers of the two events who have made this time so special and unforgettable.

About the ROHM Ambassador Program/ Value Stories

The Ambassador Community consists of ROHM employees from various departments voluntarily driving the implementation of our company culture. In order to make our four Core Values – "Innovation", "Excellence", "Passion" and "People" – more tangible, ROHM employees handed in success stories to highlight how the core values are already lived within ROHM today. Specifically for the categories "Innovation & Excellence", the Ambassador team organized the “Innovation and Excellence Day 2023”.



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