Discover The Power with ROHM - APEC 2020


With the recent cancellation of APEC 2020, in lieu of our physical presence at the show, we’ve updated our APEC landing page to reflect our latest products and offerings we would have showcased at the event including the big announcement of our NEW 4th generation SiC MOSFETs. We would also like to invite you to sign up for a "One-on-One with a ROHM Power Expert" virtual meeting for a customized, deeper conversation regarding your POWER needs!

featured products and technology demos

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SiC and Gate Driver Video


Industry Session Presentations


Title: A New Automotive Qualified High Current Isolated Gate Driver
Presenter: Mitch Van Ochten
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Title: ROHM's Next-Generation SiC MOSFETs
Presenter:Ming Su


rohm solution simulator

ROHM Solution Simulator is a new web-based electronic circuit simulation tool developed to work with the Mentor’s SystemVision Cloud simulation platform capable of carrying out a variety of simulations, from initial development that involves component selection and individual device verification to the system-level verification stage. This allows users to quickly and easily implement complete circuit verification of ROHM power devices (i.e. SiC) and ICs (e.g. driver and power supply ICs) under close to actual conditions by selecting from among an expanding range of simulation circuits, significantly reducing application development efforts.

highlighted demos

SiC Race Track Electromagnetic force is used to launch projectiles on a race track. Electric power from a 500V capacitor which is charged at constant current drives a large inductor coil. During power transfer the current can reach up to 300A and switching is controlled using ROHMs full SiC power module through an Nch MOSFET. The electromagnetic field generated from the coil launches the projectiles.

Nano Pulse Control Buck Converters Typically, when stepping down from a high input voltage to a low output voltage, multiple power down stages are required to maintain high efficiency. In contrast, ROHM’s novel solution utilizes proprietary Nano Pulse Control to convert voltages as high as 60V down to 0.8V without the need to step down to intermediate voltages while still maintaining high efficiency. This is achieved through an unprecedented minimum pulse width of 20ns that enables direct conversion from 60V to 3.3V at 2.1MHz. ROHM also guarantees long-term support for the industrial sector.

Nano Energy The continued integration of IoT in the industrial space has increased demand for equipment to operate for longer times on batteries. One major factor that determines battery life is the quiescent current of the circuit. ROHM offers a buck converter featuring an industry-leading quiescent current of just 180nA that supports output currents up to 500mA. Constant ON Time (COT) control together with Ultra-Low Power (ULP) mode provide superior transient response and prolong battery life by providing excellent light load efficiency below the 10µA load range.

Industrial DC/DCs Most industrial devices currently being used in the market require some type of step-down/-up voltage regulators to power analog and digital circuits. However, industrial systems typically operate at high voltages between 24V and 72V, which is incompatible with the 3.3V to 12V needed for electronic circuits. ROHM’s industrial DC/DC lineup includes products supporting input voltages up to 76V that can provide a wide range of output voltages at high efficiency. Evaluation boards are also offered that can reduce design load considerably.