Analog Technology

ROHM leverages the power
of analog technology

Contributing to meeting system needs by continuing to refine advanced analog technologies


Analog ICs are key to energy savings, miniaturization, and the operation of smart devices

With the advancement of data utilization that leverages IoT and AI, together with the practical realization of autonomous driving, in the near future we will soon be surrounded by more smart electronic and electrical devices than ever before. For these smart devices, low power consumption is essential as power cannot be increased despite increasing functionality. Along with this, power supply systems that handle large amounts of power are trending towards higher voltages to reduce power loss during transmission, and at the same time, in MCUs that control electronic circuits, the transistor drive voltage is being reduced to reduce internal power consumption in line with chip miniaturization. In response to these opposing technological trends, breakthroughs in analog ICs are expected (which are key devices for converter electrical signals) in order to meet the needs of power supply systems for greater miniaturization and energy savings.

Incorporating the best analog technologies cultivated over many years into next-gen ASSPs (Application Specific Standard Products)

ROHM has established a vertically integrated production system in which all processes, from silicon ingot pulling to commercialization, are performed completely in-house, ensuring high volume production of high quality products. Since the development of its first ICs in the 70’s, ROHM has developed a number of products for the consumer sector that meet customer needs by adopting a 3-prong development system comprised of analog technologies covering circuit design, layout, and processes. Throughout the years, although ROHM has shifted the focus of product development to the automotive and industrial equipment sectors, analog technology cultivated over many years have remained intact.
And now, even more refined analog technology is being applied to analog ICs that require extreme performance as ASSPs (Application Specific Standard Products) to provide solutions demanded by next-gen applications.

Innovative power supply technologies enable precise control of nano-level operation

Innovative technologies are created by leveraging ROHM’s proprietary development and production systems. A prime example is power supply technology with the keyword ‘Nano.’ Nano Pulse Control™, ROHM’s original high-speed pulse control technology, contributes to the miniaturization of 48V mild hybrid vehicles by enabling direct conversion from high to low voltages (previously thought impossible). The ultra-low power consumption technology Nano Energy™ contributes to longer operating times in mobile devices by minimizing current consumption to ensure 10-year drive on a single battery demanded by IoT applications. Both technologies have already been adopted in a variety of power supply ICs to solve numerous challenges.
Subsequently, the ultra-stable control technology Nano Cap™, established in 2020, will soon be incorporated into future analog ICs in order to reduce the number and size of external capacitors, simplifying design load while requiring fewer components.

Improved reliability through exceptional noise immunity contributes to the sophistication of IoT and ADAS

ROHM’s advanced analog technology is also used to increase reliability. In recent years, IoT devices that perform remote monitoring of production equipment and infrastructure along with ADAS that improve driver safety incorporate a number of electronic components for advanced control. This trend towards greater electronification and application density is leading to degradation of the noise environment, making it extremely difficult to implement noise design for small-signal devices such as sensors.
ROHM has established a technology that achieves breakthrough noise immunity by addressing issues related to circuit design, layout, and processes cultivated over many years in the development of analog ICs. This culminated in the commercialization of the EMARMOUR™ of op amps and comparators features unprecedented noise immunity. This function reduces design load while improving reliability by solving issues related to noise during system development.
In 2020, ROHM expanded the the EMARMOUR™ by adding a high-speed op amp utilizing Nano Cap™ ultra-stable control technology to prevent oscillation caused by load capacitance. The result: high-speed signal amplification without being susceptible to the effects of external noise and load capacity, which drew significant interest from not only customers but also engineers in a variety of fields and regions.

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