Transcending the limitations of silicon with SiC ushers in a new era

  • High-efficiency inverters for driving electric vehicle motors
  • Increasing the efficiency of power conditioners for solar power systems
  • High-efficiency power supplies for data centers

ROHM’s advanced device technologies are revolutionizing the world of power electronics

  • The world’s first mass producing SiC MOSFETs and full SiC power modules
  • Integrated development and production of materials (wafers), devices, and packages
  • Framework that supports advanced user applications

ROHM is disrupting the power device industry through breakthrough SiC technology

  • Communicating directly with cutting-edge developers from around the world
  • Fostering technology towards the use of advanced power devices
  • Building an ecosystem to expand the application range and achieve large-scale adoption
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Analog technology

ROHM analog ICs continue to revolutionize the consumer electronics field

  • Sophisticated technology enables full control of electrical signals
  • Unmatched customization helps customers solve power-related problems and achieve exactly what they need
  • Integrated development of circuit, layout, and processes

ROHM supports technological innovation in the automotive and industrial fields by leveraging technologies gained in the consumer sector

  • Advanced control that enables flexible manipulation of power waveforms
  • Power management that completely eliminates waste
  • High quality power supply not susceptible to interruptions or faults

Superior analog technologies
cultivated for over half a century
deliver optimized power solutions

  • Power supply ICs with high step-down ratio provide semiconductor drive voltages from 60V sources
  • Ultra-low-power consumption ICs that enable 10-year battery life for IoT devices
  • Advanced power supplies for high fidelity audio
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Combining sophisticated power device expertise with advanced analog IC technology provides technological synergy optimized for the new age of electronics

  • Bringing out the full potential of advanced power devices
  • Providing analog control with higher response speed and improved accuracy
  • Keeping pace with advancements in power and analog technologies

A fusion of power and analog technologies that can only come from ROHM.
The result: outstanding efficiency and performance

  • AC/DC converters that maximize the performance of SiC MOSFETs
  • GaN devices that achieve ultra-precise power control
  • High-level evaluation boards incorporating the latest technologies

Modularization and single-chip solutions offer significant advantages in terms of greater miniaturization, higher efficiency, and improved reliability.
ROHM’s technology innovation continues.

  • Delivering smaller form factors, lower power consumption and higher reliability
  • Pursuing greater ease-of-use
  • Establishing a production system that can provide long-term, stably supply

Social Challenge

Striking the perferct balance between achieving a comfortable lifestyle and protecting the global environment

  • Technology of the future will have high power requirements
  • Development scenarios must take environmental issues into account
  • Using power effectively without waste is necessary
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SiC Power Devices

SiC Power Devices

Silicon Carbide devices dramatically increase system efficiency while contributing to greater miniaturization

Nano Series

Nano Series (DC/DC Converters)

Revolutionary power supplies at the forefront of analog technology



High-end audio ICs designed for music applications

OpAMP Series

OpAMP Series

OP amps aimed at being completely noiseless