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Member of the Board, Senior Corporate Officer, CAO and in Charge of Promoting Sustainability Koji Yamamoto

ROHM Group’s Sustainability

ROHM’s company mission is ″Quality is our top priority at all times. Our objective is to contribute to the advancement and progress of culture through a consistent supply high quality products in large volumes to the global market”.
ROHM's management focus is on CSV (Creating Shared Value), which simultaneously addresses social issues and raises corporate value.
"Quality" as set forth in the company mission refers not only to the QCD (quality, cost, delivery time) of products and services, but also to the overall quality of corporate operations, that is, "management quality."
ROHM Group aims to be a company that is chosen by its stakeholders and can grow sustainably by promoting sustainability management that places the highest priority on quality.

I am in charge of Sustainability promotion as well as Supply Chain Management for ROHM Group. Sustainability management cannot be achieved by the company alone. For example, climate change is one of the world's most pressing social issues, and in order to achieve carbon neutrality, it is essential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions not only in the company itself but also in the entire supply chain (Scope 1, 2, and 3). In recent years, requests from customers who are highly interested in sustainability to take initiatives at the supply chain level have been increasing year by year. In order for ROHM Group to become a global major in this environment, it is important to aim for the sustainable development of society from the same perspective as our customers and suppliers. As the person in charge of supply chain management, I will work closely with all stakeholders to sincerely address issues and work toward their resolution, thereby improving customer satisfaction, solving social issues, and ultimately realizing sustainable growth for society and ROHM.

Achievement of Non-financial Targets in Medium-term Management Plan

In the Medium-Term Management Plan that we have been implementing since fiscal 2021, we have reaffirmed the priority sustainability issues necessary for the sustainable growth of society and ROHM Group, and have set specific goals in the four areas of the environment, human resources, governance, and business continuity management (BCM).
In the environment, we have announced our support for TCFD and are disclosing information based on it, aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50.5% (Scope 1, 2 compared to fiscal 2018). Our goal for human resources is to achieve an employee engagement score above the industry average. Until fiscal 2021, the survey was conducted by ROHM alone, but from fiscal 2022, the survey will be conducted throughout the Group with the aim of achieving the target. In governance, the ratio of independent outside directors has been raised, with outside directors accounting for the majority of directors in FY2022.
In October 2021, ROHM established Sustainability Month to raise the awareness of employees of ROHM Group in order to promote activities to achieve all of these goals, and held e-learning programs on sustainability, lectures by experts, and CSV Awards.

Reform of the Sustainability Promotional System

In promoting sustainability management, ROHM Group has established ROHM Group Sustainability Policy, which clarifies the responsibilities of each stakeholder including our employees, and ROHM Group Conduct Guidelines, which provide specific legal and ethical rules for employees to follow. Both of these policies and guidelines will continue to evolve in response to dialogue with stakeholders and changes in international norms.

In April 2022, we launched a new management system to strengthen our response to sustainability risks that cannot be fully covered by the existing system, in order to further promote sustainability management. The roles of management and execution have been clearly separated, and a "Sustainability Management Committee" has been newly established on the management side. The committee will work with the board of directors to identify and discuss management issues at the group level, and discuss high-level policies related to sustainability. On the other hand, the "EHSS General Committee" was established on the executive side, with eight management systems (Committees) under its umbrella. The committee will discuss and discuss the future of the Sustainability Management Committee. We will incorporate important issues discussed at the Sustainability Management Committee into the EHSS General Committee and each management system, and work toward achieving the long-term goals we have set.

Promoting Sustainability Management

In recent years, society's demands for sustainability issues, including not only environmental and human rights issues but also enhanced disclosure of human capital, have been increasing more than ever. The Sustainability Management Committee has been meeting on a regular basis since April of this year, and the independent outside director who has been invited as an expert on sustainability will join the committee in July to further deepen discussions and deliberations. The committee will continue to hold in-depth discussions and deliberations.

ROHM Group will continue to actively invest in and promote initiatives that lead to sustainable management, thereby enhancing intangible assets and building a solid foundation for growth. As a result, we will continue to generate CSV that fulfill the management axis of creating social value and corporate growth. And under the new sustainability management system established this fiscal year, the entire group will achieve non-financial targets and eventually resolve priority sustainability issues, aiming to become a company that continues to be chosen by stakeholders.

Member of the Board, Senior Corporate Officer,
CAO and in Charge of Promoting Sustainability
Koji Yamamoto



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