ROHM acquired "Platinum Kurumin Certification" as an excellent company supporting employees with children

  • 2023.10.06
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ROHM Co., Ltd. received "Platinum Kurumin Certification" from the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare on September 11, 2023, as a company that supports employees with children. ROHM is the 18th company in Kyoto Prefecture to be certified as a "Platinum Kurumin" company.

"Platinum Kurumin Certification" is granted to companies that meet 12 criteria related to work style, including numerical targets. These include reducing overtime work, having at least 90% of female workers in the workforce one year after childbirth, and having a high track record of both men and women taking childcare leave. If a company meets the 12 criteria, it can receive "Platinum Kurumin Certification" as an excellent company that supports employees with children.

Major Initiatives that Contributed to Certification (Action-plan Period: April 1, 2019 - March 31, 2023)

1. Encourging use of Childcare Leave
The rate of male workers taking childcare leave, etc. (including spousal maternity leave) during the plan period was 75%, while the rate for female employees was 97%.
2. Support for Balancing Work and Childcare
One year after childbirth, 97% of female employees remained in their jobs.
In addition, the company has created an environment which supports the balance of work and childcare by, for example, making employees with children under sixth grade eligible for shortened working or staggered working hours.
The company is also making efforts to reduce overtime work by operating an overtime exemption system for employees raising children who have not yet entered elementary school and by making working hours visible through an Attendance Management System.
3. Achieving the Annual Paid Leave Target
The annual paid leave utilization rate reached 80% in FY2022.
4. Support for Diverse Work Styles
A "Work-from-Home(WFH)" system has been introduced to support diverse work styles of employees and improve productivity.


Providing a stage where a wide range of talented employees can play an active role, ROHM will continue to strive for further growth of the company and its employees.