ROHM conducted a environmental education tour in the biotope area for fourth graders from Kyoto Municipal Shichijo Daisan Elementary School

  • 2023-05-18
  • Environmental

ROHM has set further promotion of greening and ecosystem conservation as the goals for the "Coexistence with Nature," one of the three themes of the ROHM Group Environmental Vision 2050.
As a measure to achieve these goals, ROHM has established a biotope area of 8,400㎡ on the premises of the Head Office, based on the concept of "a place where ROHM, the local community, and living creatures are connected," and is using the area for environmental education.

On April 28 and May 9, 2023, three classes of fourth graders from Kyoto Municipal Shichijo Daisan Elementary School were invited to the biotope area at the ROHM Head Office for environmental education as part of the company's cooperation with Kyoto City.

On Friday, April 28, an external instructor conducted a guided tour of the biotope's flora and fauna for each class.



The pupils seemed to enjoy their experience in nature as they were answering the lecturer's quiz questions about insects, smelling leaves, observing insects, and discovering what adult eyes could not notice.

In the free time after the tour, the pupils fully enjoyed the biotope area. They were making flower crowns as presents for their families, lying down in the grass, enjoying the scent of flowers, and doing whatever they wanted.

On May 9, the pupils came to observe insects and plants as part of their science class.
The purpose of this study activity is for the pupils to observe the changes of seasons, how flowers and plants in the biotope area change throughout this year, and to learn the joy of exploration.
On the day of the event, all pupils had tablets and carefully observed animals and plants they were interested in.

During the two days of learning in the biotope area, we saw many pupils learning lively through direct contact with nature, as they could learn about nature in a way they usually could not in the classroom.

ROHM will continue to strengthen environmental communication with local communities through these activities.
ROHM will also promote sustainability management based on the Company Mission to create a sustainable society while maintaining a good partnership with local communities.

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