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REFMOT101 - Reference Design

12V supply, 3 Hall Sensor, Three Phase Brushless DC motor drive Reference Deisgn

This design consists of a three-hole sensor three-phase brushless DC motor pre-driver and a MOSFET. It is an evaluation board that can drive a brushless DC motor with a supply voltage of 12V (typ) and a motor current of 6A (max) by adding a speed control circuit using a microcontroller to the 3 Hall sensor 3-phase brushless DC motor drive circuit. It requires only one external power supply. When a Hall IC is used, the logic IC can detect the direction of rotation and output a triple multiplier FG.

  • 3 Hole Sensor Three Phase Brushless DC Motor Pre-Driver and Output MOS P+N Configuration
  • Supply voltage 12V(typ)
  • Output current 6A(max)
  • PWM drive with 120 degree commutation.
  • Rotation direction switching, short braking function
  • Rotation direction detection output, triple FG output possible (when Hall IC is used)
  • Speed control by MCU is possible.



Board Number Input voltage Output current Driving method Other features Size
RMS332SD-011 6.0V to 18.0V 6A(Max.) depending on driving capability of MOSFET 3 hole sensor 120 degree commutation Input: Control input (DC or PWM), Rotation direction switching, Short brake.
Outputs: Rotation direction detection, triple multiplier FG output, FG output.

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Board Number Part Number Product Category Datasheet Status SPICE LTspice® ? Thermal Model Symbol & Footprint 3D STEP Samacsys ECAD Library Calc Tool ROHM Solution Simulator
RMS332SD-011 BD63001AMUV 3 Phase Brushless DC Motor Drivers - Recommended - -
RMS332SD-011 RRH140P03 12 to 150V MOSFETs - Recommended - - - -
RMS332SD-011 RS3E135BN 12 to 150V MOSFETs - Active - - - -
RMS332SD-011 BD450M2EFJ-C Linear Regulators - Active - - - Solution Simulator