750V, 13mΩ, 4-pin THD, Trench-structure, Silicon-carbide(SiC) power MOSFET

SCT4013DR is a SiC MOSFET that contributes to miniaturization and low power consumption of applications. This is a 4th generation product that achieves industry-leading low on-resistance without sacrificing short-circuit withstand time. This is a 4-pin package type with a driver source terminal that can maximize the high-speed switching performance that is a feature of SiC MOSFETs.

Advantages of ROHM's 4th Generation SiC MOSFET
This series has about 40% reduction in on-resistance and about 50% reduction in switching loss compared to conventional products. The 15V gate-source voltage makes application design easier.

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* This is a standard-grade product.
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Product Detail

Part Number | SCT4013DRC15
Status | Recommended
Package | TO-247-4L
Unit Quantity | 450
Minimum Package Quantity | 30
Packing Type | Taping
RoHS | Yes
Product Longevity Program | 10 Years


Drain-source Voltage[V]


Drain-source On-state Resistance(Typ.)[mΩ]



4th Gen (Trench)

Drain Current[A]


Total Power Dissipation[W]


Junction Temperature(Max.)[°C]


Storage Temperature (Min.)[°C]


Storage Temperature (Max.)[°C]


Package Size [mm]

16x23.45 (t=5.2)

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  • Low on-resistance
  • Fast switching speed
  • Fast reverse recovery
  • Easy to parallel
  • Simple to drive
  • Pb-free lead plating ; RoHS compliant

Reference Design / Application Evaluation Kit

    • Evaluation Board - P05SCT4018KR-EVK-001
      • This board is designed with the optimum gate drive circuit for "SCT4018KR", surely TO-247-4L can also be evaluated
      • Single power supply(+12V operation)
      • Supports double pulse testing up to 150A and switching up to 500kHz
      • Supports various power supply topologies(Buck, Boost, Half-Bridge)
      • Built-in adjustable gate drive isolated power supply(positive and negative)(+12V to +25V, -4.5V to -2V)
      • Active mirror clamp circuit(driver IC built-in type)
      • Gate surge clamp circuit

  • User Guide

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