BD800M5WFPJ-C - Packaging & Quality (Under Development)

The BD800M5Wxxx-C series are linear regulators designed as low current consumption products for power supplies in various automotive applications. These products are designed for up to 45V as an absolute maximum voltage and to operate until 500mA for the output current with low current consumption 17μA (Typ) . These can regulate the output with a very high accuracy (The tolerance of feedback resistor is not included. ), ±2% (BD800M5WFPJ-C, BD800M5WHFP-C) and ±2.5% (BD800M5WFP2-C). The output voltage can be adjusted between 1.2V and 16V by an external resistive divider connected to the adjustment pin. These regulators are therefore an ideal for any applications requiring a direct connection to the battery and a low current consumption. A logical “HIGH” at the EN Pin turns on the device, and in the other side, the devices are controlled to disable by a logical “LOW” input to the EN Pin. The devices feature the integrated Over Current Protection to protect the device from a damage caused by a short-circuiting or an overload. These products also integrate Thermal Shutdown Protection to avoid the damage by overheating. Furthermore, low ESR ceramic capacitors are sufficiently applicable for the phase compensation.

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