36V High-performance, High reliability Withstand Voltage Stepper Motor Driver

BD63715AEFV is a bipolar low-consumption driver that driven by PWM current. Rated power supply voltage of the device is 36 V, and rated output current is 1.5 A. CLK-IN driving mode is adopted for input interface, and excitation mode is corresponding to FULL STEP mode, HALF STEP mode (2 types) and QUARTER STEP mode via a built-in DAC. In terms of current decay, the FAST DECAY/SLOW DECAY ratio may be set without any limitation, and all available modes may be controlled in the most appropriate way. In addition, the power supply may be driven by one single system, which simplifies the design.

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Product Detail

Part Number | BD63715AEFV-E2
Status | Recommended
Package | HTSSOP-B28
Unit Quantity | 2500
Minimum Package Quantity | 2500
Packing Type | Taping
RoHS | Yes


Power Supply Voltage (Max.) [V]


Power Supply Voltage (Min.) [V]


Vcc (Max.)[V]


Iout (Max.)[A]


Iout Peak (Max.)[A]


Output On Resistance (Typ.)[Ω]



to 1 / 4

MIX DECAY Function


Single power supply input


Automotive class




Operating Temperature (Min.)[°C]


Operating Temperature (Max.)[°C]


Package Size [mm]

9.7x6.4 (t=1)

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  • Rated output current(DC)1.5A
  • Low ON resistance DMOS output
  • CLK-IN drive mode
  • PWM constant current(other oscillation)Built-in spike noise cancel function
    (external noise filter is unnecessary)
  • Full-, half(two kinds)-, quarter-step functionality
  • Freely timing excitation mode switch
  • Current decay mode switch
    (linearly variable FAST/SLOW DECAY ratio)
  • Normal rotation & reverse rotation
    switching function
  • Power save function
  • Built-in logic input pull-down resistor
  • Power-on reset function
  • Thermal shutdown circuit(TSD)
  • Over-current protection circuit(OCP)
  • Under voltage lock out circuit(UVLO)
  • Over voltage lock out circuit(OVLO)
  • Ghost Supply Prevention(protects against
    malfunction when power supply is disconnected)
  • Adjacent pins short protection
  • Microminiature, ultra-thin and high heat-radiation
    (exposed metal type) package

Reference Design / Application Evaluation Kit

    • Evaluation Board - BD63715AEFV-EVK-001
    • This evaluation board is a board for driving the stepping motor with a ROHM's stepping motor driver BD63715AEFV. Motor drive and driver The motor can be driven by VCC for power supply and 5V power supply for control signal. Drive / stop and excitation modes can be set with an external switch. The input interface adopts the CLK-IN drive system, and the excitation mode supports FULL STEP, HALF STEP, QUATER STEP, 1/8 STEP, and 1/16 STEP mode by the built-in DAC.

  • User Guide

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