Linear Constant Current VCM Driver

The BU64241GWZ and BU64243GWZ are designed to drive voice coil motor (VCM). The drivers include ISRC(intelligent slew rate control) to reduce mechanical ringing to optimize the camera's auto focus capabilities.

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Product Detail

Part Number | BU64241GWZ-E2
Status | Recommended
Package | UCSP30L1
Unit Quantity | 6000
Minimum Package Quantity | 6000
Packing Type | Taping
RoHS | Yes








Operating Temperature (Min.)[°C]


Operating Temperature (Max.)[°C]



· 2.3 V min driver power supply
· Current sink output
· 10 bit resolution current control
· ISRC mechanical ringing compensation
· 2-wire serial interface
· Integrated current sense resistor

Design Resources


Technical Articles

Schematic Design & Verification

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  • Importance of Probe Calibration When Measuring Power: Deskew
  • Impedance Characteristics of Bypass Capacitor

Thermal Design

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  • Two-Resistor Model for Thermal Simulation
  • Notes for Temperature Measurement Using Forward Voltage of PN Junction
  • Thermal Resistance
  • Precautions When Measuring the Rear of the Package with a Thermocouple

Packaging & Quality

Package Information

  • Package Information

Manufacturing Data

  • Factory Information

Environmental Data

  • Compliance with the ELV directive
  • REACH SVHC Non-use Declaration
  • RoHS Comission Delegated Directive

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  • The Export Control Order
  • Export Administration Regulations(EAR)