Not Recommended for New Designs BR93L46F-W
1KBit, MicroWire BUS, Low Power Serial EEPROM

This product cannot be used for new designs (Not recommended for design diversion).

Product Detail


Replacement Product For BR93L46F-W

Part Number
Ordering Part Number BR93L46F-WE2 BR93G46FJ-3GTE2
Similar Level - Similar Specification
Data Sheet    
Supply Status Not Recommended for New Designs Recommended
Package SOP8 SOP-J8
Unit Quantity 2500 2500
Minimum Packing Quantity 2500 2500
Packing Type Taping Taping
RoHS Yes Yes
Series BR93L-W BR93G-3
I/F MicroWire BUS(3-Wire) MicroWire BUS(3-Wire)
Density [bit] 1K 1K
Vcc (Min.) [V] 1.8 1.7
Vcc (Max.) [V] 5.5 5.5
Temperature (Min.)[°C] -40 -40
Temperature (Max.)[°C] 85 85
Package Size [mm] 5x6.2 (t=1.71) 4.9x6 (t=1.65)
Input Frequency (Max.)[Hz] 2M 3M
Write Cycle (Max.)[ms] 5.0 5.0
Additional Feature - Selectable the format(16bit or 8bit) by ORG-pin. Cu wire.
Bit Format [Word x Bit] 64 x 16 64 x 16 / 128 x 8
Circuit Current (Max.)[mA] 3.0 3.0
Standby Current (Max.)[µA] 2.0 2.0
Endurance (Max.)[Cycle] 106 106
Data Retention (Max.)[Year] 40 40

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