EcoGaN™, 650V 11A DFN8080AK, E-mode Gallium-Nitride(GaN) FET

GNP1150TCA-Z is an 650V GaN HEMT which has achieved the industry's highest class FOM (Ron*Ciss、Ron*Coss). It is a product of the EcoGaN™ series that contributes to power conversion efficiency and size reduction by making the best use of low ON resistance and high-speed switching. ESD protection function is built in for high-reliability design. In addition, the highly versatile packages provide excellent heat dissipation and facilitates mounting.

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Product Detail

Part Number | GNP1150TCA-ZE2
Status | Recommended
Package | DFN8080AK
Unit Quantity | 3500
Minimum Package Quantity | 3500
Packing Type | Taping
RoHS | Yes






VGS Rating [V]


RDS(on) [mΩ]


Qg [nC]


Dimensions [mm]

8.0x8.0 (t=0.9)

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  • 650V E-mode GaN FET
  • 150mΩ Resistance
  • 2.7nC Gate Charge

Supporting Information



This product deliver industry-leading performance in terms of RDS(ON) × Ciss / RDS(ON) × Coss, a figure of merit for GaN HEMTs, translating to higher efficiency in power supply systems. At the same time, a built-in ESD protection element improves electrostatic breakdown resistance up to 3.5kV, leading to higher application reliability. GaN HEMTs’ high-speed switching characteristics also contribute to greater miniaturization of peripheral components.

Application Examples

Ideal for a broad range of power supply systems in industrial equipment and consumer devices, including servers and AC adapters