• What is the average current?
    Is there any tool for calculating current consumption?
    • Using our evaluation kit mini, the average current consumptions are measured as follows:
      MK71511: 95 uA
      MK71521: 113 uA
      Power supply voltage: 3.0 V, DCDC regulator: ON, transmission power: 0 dBm, status: Connection, Interval: 30 ms
      For detailed data and the description of the current consumption measuring method, refer to "Application Note (Current Consumption Measurement)".

      You can use the nRF52 Online Power Profiler from Nordic to make an estimate. Since nRF52832 is mounted on MK71521, please select "nRF52832" for Chip.  
      Please note that the nRF52811 mounted on MK71511 cannot be selected for Chip with nRF52 Online Power Profiler. Refer to measurement results described in "Application Note (Current consumption measurement)".
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