• Is it necessary to connect a control resistor to the Do output when using a 3-wire microcontroller?
    • Yes, a resistor is necessary to prevent data collisions between the microcontroller DI/O output and EEPROM DO output. Please note the following 2 points.
      1 clock cycle reading the address data at A0 via a Read command
      Inputting an address data A0=1 causes a collision with the dummy bit output of '0' , resulting in the generation of pass-through current.
      CS=H timing after a Read command
      During command input after a Write instruction, while the microcontroller DI/O output is at 'L', the CS input starts up and a Ready output 'H' is output from the DO terminal, resulting in generation of a pass-through current path.
      At this time since DI=H, SK=H is recognized as the start bit during CS input rise, please make SK=L.

      Target Products: BR93Lxx Series
      BR93Axx Series
      BR93Hxx Series