• Is it possible to build from the command line after creating a project with LEXIDE-U16?
    • You can build it from the command line using make.exe from LEXIDE-U16.

      (1) After creating a project with LEXIDE-U16, execute the build. When executed, a makefile for that project will be generated. For the folder in which the makefile is generated, refer to "4.7.1 Building Project" in the "LEXIDE-16 User's Manual".
      (2) Open a command prompt. Use Windows Start Menu> U8 Tools Command Line Environment. At this command prompt, the path required to run make.exe is set.
      (3) At the command prompt, move to the folder where makefile was generated.
      (4) Clean up the project. Run "make ␣ clean" at the command prompt.
      (5) Execute the build. Execute "make␣-fmakefile␣all" at the command prompt.

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