• Is it possible to specify the address of the CODE segment or TABLE segment at build time?
    • It is possible to allocate address of the segment by specifying the linker option (/CODE option and /TABLE option).

      Create a response file for the linker as shown below, and specify the response file as an additional option for the linker in the integrated development environment (IDEU8 or LEXIDE-U16).

      [How to create a response file (link_options.res) for the linker]

      /CODE(CodeSeg1-1000h CodeSeg2-2000h) // Allocate CodeSeg1 to 1000h and CodeSeg2 to 2000h
      /TABLE(TableSeg1-3000h TableSeg2-4000h) // Allocate TableSeg1 to 3000h and TableSeg2 to 4000h

      [How to setup an integrated development environment]
      [For IDEU8]
      Specify the response file in "Additional options" of [General] tab of [Target options].
      Specified example) @link_options.res

      [For LEXIDE-U16]
      Specify the response file in [Additional options] of [Linker] > [General] on the [Properties] > [C/C++ Build] > [Settings] > [Tool Settings] tab.
      Specified example) @link_options.res

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