• What is a photointerrupter? 
    • A photointerrupter is transmission-type photosensor that integrates optical receiving and transmitting elements in a single package. Since the method involves light blocking ROHM calls this device a photointerrupter. A long life GaAs infrared photodiode is utilized for output while a single phototransistor and photo IC are integrated for light detection.

      •ROHM photointerrupters are available in two types: insertion and dual mold (refer to Fig. 1). Insertion-type products are general-purpose units featuring injection mold processing that integrate both optical transmitting and receiving elements.
      •Dual mold photointerrupters are generally more compact than their insertion-type counterparts. They feature mold resin construction and utilize higher efficiency transmitters/receivers. However, the epoxy resin is relatively weak compared with that of transistors and ICs with respect to temperature resistance, resistance to solvents, and mechanical resistance. Therefore, please take this into account during mounting and when handling.
    • Products: Optical Sensors