60V, 1A, Single, PMDE, Ultra low IR SBD

RB168VWM-60 is a ultra low IR schottky barrier diode, suitable for general rectification.

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Product Detail

Part Number | RB168VWM-60TR
Status | Recommended
Package | PMDE
Unit Quantity | 3000
Minimum Package Quantity | 3000
Packing Type | Taping
RoHS | Yes




Mounting Style

Surface mount

Number of terminal




Reverse Voltage VR[V]


Average Rectified Forward Current IO[A]




Forward Voltage VF(Max.)[V]


IF @ Forward Voltage [A]


Reverse Current IR(Max.)[mA]


VR @ Reverse Current[V]


Storage Temperature (Min.)[°C]


Storage Temperature (Max.)[°C]


Package Size [mm]

1.3x2.5 (t=1)

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  • High reliability
  • Small power mold type
  • Ultra low IR

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Different Grade

RB168VWM-60TF   Grade| Automotive StatusRecommended

Supporting Information



ROHM’s proprietary compact PMDE package features a land pattern equivalent to that of the conventional SOD-323 type. Reviewing the backside electrode and heat dissipation path allowed ROHM to achieve the same electrical characteristics (i.e. current, withstand voltage) as the standard SOD-123FL package (3.5mm × 1.6mm) in a smaller package size, contributing to board miniaturization by reducing mounting area by approximately 42%. Furthermore, mechanical strength is around 1.4 times higher than that of the SOD-123FL, reducing the risk of solder cracking when stress is applied to the board, ensuring greater mounting reliability.

Key Features of the PMDE Package

1. Significantly improved heat dissipation achieves 42% smaller mounting area

Generally, semiconductor components dissipate heat generated into the air or through the substrate. However, when decreasing package size the surface area of the back of the electrode and mold also becomes smaller, resulting in lower heat dissipation.
The PMDE package, to solve this problem, increases the back electrode area to facilitate the heat dissipation path from the lead frame to the substrate. The result is significantly improved heat dissipation performance, achieving the same electrical characteristics as the standard SOD-123FL package (3.5mm × 1.6mm) with in a smaller 2.5mm × 1.3mm size. This translates to a 42% smaller mounting area, making it ideal for automotive applications where higher component density is needed.

Comparison of Heat Dissipation Path: SOD-123FL vs PMDE

2. Ensures higher reliability compared to conventional packages

The PMDE package achieves a mounting strength of 34.8N, approximately 1.4 times higher than that of the SOD-123FL package, by increasing the area of the metal portion that ensures a larger backside electrode area. This reduces the risk of solder cracking when stress is applied to the board, contributing to greater reliability. High surge current withstand capability (IFSM) is also achieved by adopting a wire-free structure whereby the chip is directly sandwiched between frames. The resulting high surge current withstand capability (IFSM) provides superior resistance to destruction caused by high instantaneous currents, such as during vehicle start or abnormal device operation.

Novel Wire-Free Design

SBDs: RBxx8 Series Features

SBDs deliver low VF together with high efficiency.
The RBxx8 series provide ultra-low IR (reverse current) and can operate stably even in high temperature environments.

Application Examples

  • ・White Goods
  • ・Car Infotainment
  • ・Notebook PCs
  • ・Fan Motors
  • ・Factory Automation Power Supplies

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