Sound Processors with Built-in 2-Band Equalizer

ROHM's sound processors deliver high-fidelity audio, are easy to use, integrate a two-band equalizer, and are compatible with power supply voltages between 4.75V and 9.5V due to low current consumption operation, making them ideally suited for use in portable stereo systems.

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* This is a standard-grade product.
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Product Detail

Part Number | BD3490FV-E2
Status | Active
Package | SSOP-B28
Unit Quantity | 2000
Minimum Package Quantity | 2000
Packing Type | Taping
RoHS | Yes


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・Low noise (5μVrms(TYP.)) and low distortion(0.002% (TYP.)).
・Built-in simple surround. Furthermore, it can constitute good surround of sound image
    normal position with an external part.
・It can constitute a bass boost or output gain with an external part.
・When the volume setting exchanging, it can use a volume terminal as a microphone input
    because there is not an impedance change of a volume terminal.
・Bi-CMOS process is suitable for the design of low current and low energy. And it provides
    more quality for small scale regulator and heat in a set.
・The package of this IC is SSOP-B28. It gathers a sound input terminals, sound output
    terminals respectively and it arranges them, to be arranging facilitates the
    laying-out of PCB pattern and reduces PCB area to one-way in the flow of the