BD78318EFJ-M - Tools (Under Development)

BD78318EFJ-M is a Class-AB monaural speaker amplifier with 18dB voltage gain designed for automotive. BD783xxEFJ-M series includes 6dB to 26dB voltage gain products. Class-AB amplifiers have no requirements for care about EMI noise. Adopting power package HTSOP-J8 achieves high output power. Low quiescent current can reduce battery consumption. Shutdown current is also very low (0.1μA Typ) and pop noise level when switching to shutdown is very small, so this device is suitable for applications in which the mode often changes between “shutdown state” and “active state”.


HTSOP-J8 Footprint / Symbol
PCB footprint / symbol library data (".bxl" file) that supports Schematic Symbol and PCB Footprint Pattern