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BA82903YFVM-C is high-gain, ground sense input comparator. BA82903Yxxx-C and BA82901Yxx-C are monolithic ICs integrated dual or quad independent comparators on a single chip. This comparator has some features of low power consumption, and can operate from 2 V to 36 V (single power supply). It is manufactured for automotive requirements of engine control unit, electric power steering, anti-lock braking system, and so on. Furthermore, it has the advantage of EMI tolerance dose. It is easy to replace with conventional products, and the EMI design is simple.

White Paper

High Noise Tolerance EMARMOUR™ Comparators White Paper
The automotive sector has dramatically increased the number of electronic components used per vehicle. At the same time, high reliability is required for mounted components to ensure vehicle safety for ADAS systems, Bluetooth functionality, car navigation systems, and ETC. But one drawback to the continuing electrification of vehicles is the increasing number of devices that generate noise, worsening the noise environment which makes it difficult to design. This White paper introduces the resolution for this prodblem. The BA8290xYxxx-C comparator series that achieves high noise immunity. ROHM’s expanded lineup of high noise tolerance EMARMOUR™ comparators enables to greater reliability and simpler designs in automotive systems.

Application Note

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Part Explanation
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