ROHM and Sanden Huayu Hold an Opening Ceremony Announcing the Establishment of a Joint Technology Laboratory

Mar 18th, 2021

January 2021 - ROHM, together with Sanden Huayu Automotive Air-Conditioning Co., Ltd., China’s largest manufacturer of automotive air conditioners, held an opening ceremony announcing the establishment of a joint technical laboratory at Sanden Huayu’s headquarters in Shanghai, China.

Since 2018, ROHM and Sanden Huayu have carried out technical exchanges and collaborated on developing automotive applications equipped with advanced power devices, such as ROHM IGBTs. As a result, electric compressors utilizing ROHM IGBT power devices and peripheral components have been in mass production since October 2020.

This new joint laboratory contains a number of important equipment required for evaluating devices and automotive applications, primarily automotive air-conditioning systems.

Wang Jun (right), President at Sanden Huayu, and Raita Fujimura (left), Chairman of ROHM Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., exchange gifts at the opening ceremony - ROHM and Sanden Huayu | Joint Technology Laboratory

Wang Jun (right), President at Sanden Huayu, and Raita Fujimura (left), Chairman of ROHM Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., exchange gifts at the opening ceremony


Going forward, the two companies will continue to strengthen their collaborative relationship to accelerate the development of innovative solutions by evaluating ROHM power devices along with IPMs that combine driver ICs with peripheral components.

Mr. Yao Yi, Assistant of General Manager / Chief Engineer / Director of Technical Center, Sanden Huayu Automotive Air-Conditioning Co., Ltd.
With ROHM, which has been introducing power devices since 2018, we have strengthened our collaboration, including our top management.

After over two years of technical exchanges, we are pleased to have been able to develop and mass produce IGBT-equipped automotive applications this year. The establishment of this joint laboratory is a testament to the deepening relationship between our two companies, and we can look forward to further technical support through this new comprehensive facility.

Dr. Kazuhide Ino, Senior Corporate Officer, CSO, ROHM Co., Ltd.
We are pleased to have established a joint laboratory with Sanden Huayu, a leading manufacturer of automotive air conditioners.

ROHM has been developing advanced power devices in a range of fields, from silicon power devices (IGBTs, MOSFETs) to SiC power devices, and boasts a proven track record of providing power solutions that combine peripheral components such as driver ICs.

Through this joint lab, we will strengthen our collaborative partnership and contribute to technical innovation in the automotive sector by providing power solutions that meet both customer needs and market trends.

Sanden Huayu Automotive Air-Conditioning Co., Ltd.
Sanden Huayu is a joint venture established by Huayu Automotive Systems Co., Ltd., Sanden Holdings Corporation, and Shanghai Longhua Industry Co., Ltd. With a total investment of $168.36 million, the company produces a series of products ranging from automotive air-conditioning compressors and modules to engine cooling systems. In particular, its fixed displacement and internally/externally controlled variable displacement piston compressors based on swash and wobble plate technology along with scroll and electric compressors for new energy vehicles have been well received in the industry for their quality and performance, and as such occupy a large share of the Chinese market. Sanden Huayu is also focused on developing air-conditioning systems – especially electric heat pump air-conditioning systems for new energy vehicles – as well as the integration of peripheral components.

ROHM Co., Ltd.
ROHM, a leading semiconductor and electronic component manufacturer, was established in 1958. From the automotive and industrial equipment markets to the consumer and communication sectors, ROHM supplies ICs, discretes, and electronic components featuring superior quality and reliability through a global sales and development network.

Our strengths in the power and analog markets allow us to propose optimized solutions for entire systems that combine peripheral components (i.e. transistors, diodes, resistors) with the latest SiC power devices as well as driver ICs that maximize their performance.