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ROHM and Musical Arts

ROHM has a long history of supporting music culture, publishing ‘A Visual History of Music’, an introduction to classical music, soon after its founding in 1965. It was possible to bring joy and comfort to people as there were only 2 specialized music magazines available at the time. In 1991 we established the ROHM Music Foundation, and together continue to engage in activities such as hosting and sponsoring classical concerts to promote and develop music culture.

Music has the power to add color to people’s lives and enrich their hearts. As a corporate citizen, ROHM is committed to creating a rich culture through music.

ROHM Music Foundation

Popularization - Expanding Audiences

To promote music culture, we organize and support classical music concerts and conduct music research.

A Visual History of Music (with Flexi disc)
A Visual History of Music (with Flexi disc)
ROHM Music Festival
ROHM Music Festival is a classical music festival where ROHM Music Friends* perform at ROHM Theatre Kyoto.
Ken Sato Memorial Concert
To bring life to the passion for music held by Kenichiro Sato, the founder of ROHM who once aspired to become a pianist, the Ken Sato Memorial Concert featuring world-class musicians is held every January at ROHM Theatre Kyoto.
ROHM Music Foundation presents ‘Kyoto x Classics’, a series of concerts connecting Kyoto’s famous landmarks with classical music.

Development - Nurturing Young Musicians

To promote music culture, ROHM together with the ROHM Music Foundation provide scholarships for music students, hold seminars, and create opportunities for scholarship students to present their work.

scholarship concerts
In addition to providing scholarship assistance to students studying music in Japan and abroad, scholarship concerts are held the students to showcase their achievements.
ROHM Music Seminars
ROHM Music Friends* conduct ROHM Music Seminars to nurture musicians who will one day be active on the world stage.
The Kyoto International Student Music Festival
The Kyoto International Student Music Festival invites music students from leading music schools around the world.
The Seiji Ozawa Music School
The Seiji Ozawa Music School was established to foster promising young musicians.

ROHM Music Friends are the musicians who were involved in the projects ROHM Music Foundation has implemented to develop young musicians.