About Kionix™ Technology and accelerometer ICs

What is Kionix™ Technology?

Kionix™ Technology is defined by the proprietary plasma micromachining process and the technology to hermetically seal at a wafer level by bonding the silicon lid wafer to the device wafer. The sense element that detects acceleration consists of a fixed electrode, a movable electrode, and a spring. These structures are formed on the silicon device wafer using ROHM’s proprietary plasma micromachining process which allows deep and high precision etching. Using advanced technology, the lid wafer is hermetically sealed to the device wafer with these formed structures resulting in the completion of the sense element. ROHM electrostatic capacitive MEMS are manufactured using Kionix™ Technology and delivers outstanding performance.

About Kionix

Kionix, Inc., originally founded in 1993 as a global MEMS accelerometer manufacturer based in Ithaca, NY, USA, joined ROHM group in November 2009. With an extensive portfolio of internally-developed intellectual property, Kionix has been famous for a deep-silicon, proprietary MEMS technology known as plasma micromachining for high-volume production.

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