Group Companies ROHM LSI Design Philippines, Inc.

Corporate Data

Company NameROHM LSI Design Philippines, Inc.
Capital105 million pesos
Number of Employees460 as of March 2021
Principal BusinessDesign, Research and Development of ROHM Group Products
RepresentativePresident / Masahiko Taguchi




1992 October- ROHM LSI Design Philippines, Inc. established.
- Started LSI Evaluation
1995 March- Mask Layout activities started
1998 March- Expanded LSI Evaluation with three Design Divisions.
2004 February- PEZA registered.
2008 February- Move to current location (Ortigas)
2008 March- Three Design Divisions merged into one R & D Division.
2009 June- Started LSI Design and Development in RLDP.
2010 March- Started Digital Design
2010 September- Expanded third floor
2017 October- 25th Year Anniversary celebrated.
2018 November- Expanded fourth floor.