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Your Innovations Powered By ROHM | CES 2021


Visit ROHM’s virtual booth at CES’ first all-digital trade show in 2021 where we highlight the latest products optimized for a variety of fields, including the alternative energy, compact printing, and multimedia markets. We will also showcase solutions that address challenges faced in different areas through white papers and catalogs. Register for CES today. We hope to see you there!

exclusive ces videos

Zebra Logo

Laser diodes adopted in Zebra handheld and touch computers

Mid Nite Solor Logo

SiC MOSFETs integrated in Midnite Solar alternative energy solutions

Embedded Artists Logo

PMICs utilized in Embedded Artists’ application processor module for i.MX 8M applications


white papers

  • Optimally Driving SiC MOSFETs with a New Package Design... read »
  • Reducing Converter Stages and RON in PMICs... read »
  • Growing Demand for Medical Sensors and Electronic Components due to COVID 19... read »
  • Automotive Lighting Solutions... read »
  • The Latest Trends in Wi-SUN for Logistics, Industrial, IoT, and Smart Home Applications... read »
  • Automotive Power Tree Reference Design... read »


  • Multifunction Speech Synthesis LSIs Ideal for Voice Guidance in Automotive Systems... view »
  • Ultra-Low Power High-Performance Microcontrollers... view »
  • ROHM Solutions for EV Applications... view »
  • Advanced Wireless Communication Modules... view »


Jay Barrus, President of ROHM Semiconductor USA | ROHM Semiconductor

ROHM - What a Year! What Just Happend and What Now?

Presented by Jay Barrus, President ROHM Americas

Attend ROHM's presentation with live Q&A to get an inside view on topics such as new products, new leadership roles and COVID-19 updates. What happened in 2020 and our forecast for 2021 on how we are doing things differently and why it will be better.


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