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Finding a way to a new mobility


How e-mobility pays off for a ROHM employee A recent survey found: Nearly 25 percent of Germans could imagine buying an electric car in the upcoming years. Compared to recent years, this is a strong increase. But why only one quarter? And... Read More »

Market leader in power supply technology


ROHM’s advanced technologies meet the needs of the times   In 2014, “No.1 in Analog Power” became the buzzword at ROHM. The company established a specialized department for developing power supply technology, considered the core of... Read More »

What are EVs (Electric Vehicles)?


A primer on the differences between conventional gas and hybrid cars   Electric vehicles (EVs), once a generic term that referred to any vehicle that runs on electricity, is now generally reserved only for cars. In this article we... Read More »

Passion for the next generation of products


Women in Tech: How Yoko Nomaguchi built her career at ROHM. "I really like to discuss with people. This is why I enjoy presenting products and solutions to our customers. The feeling to walk out of a meeting knowing that my proposal will be... Read More »

For the future of power technology


Test the power of your device in ROHM’s Power Lab in Willich-Münchheide, Germany Increasing battery life of your mobile device, enabling electric vehicles on our roads, and increasing overall energy efficiency: Power electronics is a key... Read More »