A Trend Towards Miniaturized Electronics


The ongoing miniaturization of electronic components is connected to many advantages in several application areas. Next to the consumer electronics industry, the automotive area will also benefit from smaller electronics. In the future,... Read More »

Semiconductors­: Hidden Champions in our daily lives


Though we cannot see them, they are energizing each electronic device that we use daily: semiconductors. The following insights aim to make these “hidden champion” components more visible – by illustrating three of the many examples where... Read More »

Women in Tech: Connecting Technologies and Industries ­– globally


Our colleague Jie Ma is a globally operating tech expert – and a connector inside the semiconductor industry. Having gained a huge amount of expertise in this field of technology, she now works as a Global Key Account Manager at one of ROHM’s... Read More »

The Future Looks Bright for ROHM Automotive Lighting Solutions


Looking at the history of automotive lighting, we see that the first ‘modern’ electrical system utilizing bulb-type lighting sources was first established in 1912. And while meeting its primary objective – illuminating the road ahead or... Read More »

Driving e-mobility at ROHM: Embracing an electric future


Taking responsibility for the environment, ROHM strives to shape the future of e-mobility – sustainably. To foster e-mobility practices within our European Headquarter in Willich, Germany, ROHM has recently installed three e-charging stations. ... Read More »