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Massa Magic in Monaco


ROHM Semiconductor’s contribution to the success of Venturi Formula E Team and to the car of the future Monaco is famous for its Formula 1 street race course. But it is also a very modern principality. And the passion for powerful engines... Read More »

Beyond technology: ROHM’s commitment to music


The Rohm Music Foundation aims to bring people together with the power of music May is the month of Music in the city of Munich. Since many years HIGH END – Europe’s biggest fair for high end audio equipment is attracting more than 20.000... Read More »

From Device Supplier to Solutions Provider - The Need for Development Support Tools


Global semiconductor manufacturers are increasingly transforming from mere component suppliers to solutions providers that can quickly respond to customer requests. At the same time, to reduce customer design load, a greater emphasis is being... Read More »

Choosing the challenge


Delphine Biscaye – a woman in motor sports   There are very few women in tech, but there is another area with even fewer women: motor sports. But that is changing at the moment. More and more women drive race cars and the number of... Read More »

Industry-leading accuracy offers greater safety and peace of mind - Earthquake Detection Sensor Module


In Japan, which has among the highest occurrence of earthquakes of any country per year, seismic detection is of critical importance. To avoid secondary disasters such as fire and achieve faster recovery, it is necessary to take measures (i.e.... Read More »