The Expat View “We have established an even more trusted working atmosphere between both locations”


Recently, Chiami Hori, Group Leader Legal & Intellectual Property Department Legal Section Legal 2G at ROHM Headquarters, has spent time at ROHM’s European Headquarters in Willich, Germany, as an expat. In our interview she reveals the highlights... Read More »

Saving Energy by Improving Power Conversion Efficiency in Industrial Inverters Through Semiconductors


Amid the shift towards a decarbonized society and growing expectations for renewable energy in the face of energy shortages, there is a need to improve inverter technology which holds the key to increasing energy efficiency. As such, power... Read More »

How can AI and IoT solutions be used to address challenges in the manufacturing industry?


Digital Transformation (DX) in the manufacturing industry is revolutionizing production processes. Among these, smart factories in particular are garnering increased attention. Although the general image of a smart factory is a futuristic place... Read More »

Celebrating Innovation and Excellence


Recently, ROHM Semiconductor Europe celebrated a special two-day event in Rheinland and Ruhrgebiet area. On the first day all EU staff met in our European Headquarters in Willich, near Düsseldorf, to introduce innovative and excellent... Read More »

Providing Excellent Customer Support: “Our service team is as diverse as our product range”


In our new blog interview we speak to Dr.   Prasad Bhalerao, Director Industrial Sales at ROHM Semiconductor Europe, about the special spirit of his diverse team. Prasad, could you please kindly give us first of all some insights into... Read More »



New Articles

New Articles