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Making the impossible possible, ROHM’s mission to produce innovate resistors


Resistors are so fundamental to ROHM’s DNA that even the company name is connected to the word; the “R” is derived from “resistor” while “ohm” is the unit of measurement for resistance. ROHM’s forerunner, Toyo Electronics Industry, was founded... Read More »

ROHM’s latest SiC technology achieves excellent performance for electric vehicles


Introduction In recent years, in the automotive field in particular, EVs (Electric Vehicles) and HEVs (Hybrid Electric Vehicles) that do not emit CO2 are attracting attention, prompting the transition from gasoline powered vehicles. However,... Read More »

Interview about Highlights of Formula E to Venturi Formula E Team


The upcoming race in New York will take place as the last e-prix in this season, setting against the iconic backdrop of Lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty on July 14 and 15. ROHM offers SiC devices to the main inverter as an official... Read More »

ROHM @ PCIM 2018


This year ROHM started PCIM with a big announcement – the company will increase production capacity for silicon carbide (SiC) and build a new plant in Japan to meet the ever-growing demand for SiC products. The new factory will cover more than... Read More »

Driving innovation without compromising on quality for industrial market


Much has changed during the evolution of ROHM, the Japanese company founded more than 60 years ago to make semiconductors. Business fields and product lineups have expanded; overseas offices have been established; and CSR activities to... Read More »

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