Driving e-mobility at ROHM: Embracing an electric future


Taking responsibility for the environment, ROHM strives to shape the future of e-mobility – sustainably. To foster e-mobility practices within our European Headquarter in Willich, Germany, ROHM has recently installed three e-charging stations. ... Read More »

12 Display Technology Trends shaping the Automotive Future – Part 2


Car displays for the instrument cluster and the center console are today’s standard configuration for the higher and middle market segments. Moving from the distributed to the domain computing architecture has many advantages for standalone... Read More »

12 Display Technology Trends shaping the Automotive Future – Part 1


More and more displays are part of today's cars. Our overview of automotive display technology trends highlights the most important ones and outlines how ROHM Semiconductor is part of this development. More than 30 years ago, the first... Read More »

Revolutionizing Manufacturing and Logistics with Industrial IoT (IIoT)


The Internet of Things (IoT) connects a variety of devices to the Internet. Although exposure in the media and on the web has significantly increased awareness for IoT, it is still not widely known that applying this concept to the industrial... Read More »

E-Mobility & Transportation – Electrically into the Future


Our climate is changing, and we are responsible for it. Only if we reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, especially CO2 emissions, we can slow down climate change. Almost one quarter of global CO2 emissions are caused by transportation. But there... Read More »