Technical Support at ROHM: Customer Service with many Facets


ROHM’s technical support team is the backbone of the company's customer service in Europe. Karim Zbiba, Senior Field Application Engineer at ROHM’s Application and Technical Solution Center at ROHM’s Stuttgart office, explains how he and his... Read More »

Formula Student: Back to Racing with new concepts


The formula student team called “Team Starcraft” of the Ilmenau Technical University applied ingenious strategies during challenging times. Read how they coped and how ROHM Semiconductor Europe has supported them. About an unusual year and the... Read More »

Local customer support: Insights into ROHM’s Spanish office“We feel under the umbrella of a good and serious company”


 Since its foundation, “Quality First” is ROHM’s main mission . Jaime Manent, Office Manager for ROHM Iberia, explains what it takes to be successful on the Spanish market. ​​​​​ Jaime, thanks for being part of our local support blog... Read More »

The Journey of Electricity


How electricity reaches our homes and everyday devices Electricity brightens and enriches many facets of our lives. Here, we will explain the process of how electricity is produced and delivered to our homes and everyday devices. ... Read More »

Power Semiconductors of the Future: 6 Facts you should know about SiC


Not long ago, silicon carbide (SiC) was an exotic material among semiconductor devices. Today, it has become more and more established in the industry and is considered to be the future of power electronics. But what are the key features of SiC... Read More »