Next Generation on the Rise: Young Talents for ROHM


At the beginning of the new training year that started in August 2020, ROHM Semiconductor Europe welcomed two new trainees. One of them is the 19-year-old Louisa Ragsch. Within our new blog article, our youngest team member outlines her path to... Read More »

ROHM's Infographics


ROHM's Infographics season has come again this year! We are glad that it is helpful for you to know about ROHM Semiconductor more.     Read More »

ROHM App relaunched: Staying connected and offering an enhanced service


By downloading the recently relaunched ROHM App, users stay up-to-date about our company’s product news and benefit from various services – targeted to their individual needs. Nelli Nising, Junior Digital Marketing Manager at ROHM Semiconductor... Read More »

On ADAS, Autonomous Driving, and Vehicle Safety Technologies


What criteria are used when choosing a vehicle? In addition to the conventional factors of brand, design, and size, recently more buyers are also looking for greater convenience (i.e. navigation) and comfort (e.g. seat heaters, audio... Read More »

Women in Tech: From Medicines to Microchips


Wenjie Dong, EDI and IT Business Process Specialist at ROHM Semiconductor Europe, speaks about her second career as an IT professional.   When asking Wenjie Dong about her motivation to become an EDI and IT Business Process... Read More »