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Stunningly Bright Illumination Achieved Utilizing ROHM’s Original LED Technology


As a part of its social contribution activities, ROHM has implemented large-scale lighting displays in the areas around its headquarters in Kyoto. For the 20th year, with a theme of ‘A moment that captures the heart with dazzling brilliance,’... Read More »

SiC: More valuable than diamonds?


What is the most valuable material in the world? Most people’s answer would be diamonds. For centuries, diamond has been a very rare material, especially when one was looking for the size and brilliance needed for impressive jewelry. Diamonds... Read More »

ROHM at Electronica 2018


Every two years the electronics industry gathers in Munich to present innovations and provide insights into the products of the future. This year more than 3,100 exhibitors from over 50 countries welcomed the record number of 80.000 visitors from... Read More »

ROHM's Infographics


The 2018 is almost coming to an end. It is a good timing to know about ROHM Semiconductor more with our infographics. Read More »

Whether male or female: Everyone should follow their interests


The differences for female engineers between Germany and India There are not enough women in engineering. For example, only 17 % of engineers working in Germany in 2017 were women. The reasons are manifold: prejudices of tutors, coworkers... Read More »