New Arduino-Compatible Sensor Evaluation Kit

Multiple onboard sensors make it easy to build a sensor environment for prototyping and initial set development

ROHM's New Arduino-Compatible Sensor Evaluation Kit

ROHM has recently announced the availability of the new sensor evaluation kit (expansion board) equipped with 7 sensors (i.e. accelerometer, barometric pressure, magnetic field), designed for use with existing open-source prototyping platforms such as Arduino and mbed.

The SensorShield-EVK-001 evaluation kit consists of an open-source expansion board (shield) with multiple sensors developed by the ROHM Group. Simply connect the sensor shield to an existing open-source MCU-based platform such as Arduino Uno and incorporate software to measure acceleration, temperature, and other physical quantities and conditions. The kit makes it easy to immediately verify sensor operation and facilitates the design of sensor devices, significantly lightening development load while promoting the expansion of the IoT market.

In recent years, following the proliferation of IoT in infrastructure, agriculture, automotive, and other areas a number of companies have emerged, offering services, applications, and devices to meet the needs of the IoT market. However, significant development effort along with hardware and software expertise is required when creating products for the expanding IoT ecosystem. In addition, the development and mounting environment for each IoT device will inherently differ, preventing easy evaluation.

In response, the ROHM Group began offering the SensorShield-EVK-001 evaluation kit that facilitates initial development, evaluation, and prototyping of sets for the IoT and other markets.

Sense a range of physical quantities and conditions
Mounting the Sensor Shield on an Open-Source MCU Board

Supporting Materials

More information on the sensor shield and additional resources can be found our website
◆ Documents: Circuit diagrams, manuals
◆ Software: Sample code (Arduino Uno, mbed)
Please visit the sensor shield page for more information:

Onboard Sensors

Onboard Sensors Arduino GUI


Arduino, mbed

ArduinoA popular open-source platform consisting of a
development environment and board equipped with input/output ports and an MCU. Arduino
Uno is the most popular board within the Arduino family.
mbedRefers to a prototyping MCU board and,development environment supplied by ARM.

Open-Source Platform (Hardware/Software)
A model promoting the universal (public) access of program source code, product lists, detailed specifications, and other information, allowing anybody to copy, modify, and distribute freely.