ROHM at CES 2018 – Product demonstrations around automotive, smart factory and health products

ROHM Semiconductor will host a private exhibition at CES 2018, the world's largest electronics trade show, held in Las Vegas from January 9 (Tue) to 12 (Fri). The ROHM Group will showcase its latest technologies centred on 7 key areas in the Automotive market, including Industry-Leading Power Management Technologies, Power Devices for hybrid and fully-electric cars based on SiC, and High Resolution Car Audio Solutions, allowing visitors to experience state-of-the-art semiconductor demos and application examples.

In addition, for the first time, ROHM will be participating in the press event sponsored by ShowStoppers at the Wynn Hotel on Tuesday, January 9, where we will be showcasing products related to smart factories that offers complete IoT solutions that is expected to radically transform management and response by enabling real-time monitoring of equipment in order to prevent accidents and failure that can lead to injuries or stoppage, along with real-time blood pressure monitoring using ROHM's high performance optical heart rate sensor.

We invite you to visit both ROHM's demo room at the Venetian, meeting room Veronese 2505, as well as at our booth during the press event. For more information on products highlighted at ROHM's private exhibition during CES, click here. We look forward to seeing in Las Vegas!

CES 2018 Event Overview

Date and Times:

January 9: 10 am – 6 pm / January 10: 9 am – 6 pm / January 11: 9 am – 6 pm / January 12: 9 am – 4pm

Venue: Tech West (SANDS Expo & Convention Center) Venetian Meeting Room, 2nd Floor, Veronese No. 2505

CES Demo Room Highlights

Next-Generation Digital Cockpit Solutions

In recent years, the use of LCD panels in instrument panels (clusters), car navigation systems, electric mirrors, and the like has increased dramatically. ROHM has developed the world's first chipset for vehicle instrument panels, providing functional safety for LCD-equipped systems. We will introduce our latest solutions that leverage various proprietary devices and technologies, optimized for the automotive sector where the awareness for safety, the environment, and comfort is growing.

Power Solutions for hybrid and fully-electric cars

ROHM provides SiC technology for FIA's Formula E, the world's premier racing series for electric vehicles, to further improve performance. Vehicle components that are receiving special attention include the main inverter, DC/DC converter, onboard charger, and electric compressor. ROHM will exhibit power solutions for xEV that integrate our abundant product lineup, including power devices such as SiC and IGBTs, isolated gate driver ICs and power supplies for driving these devices, and shunt resistors used for current detection.

Industry-Leading Power Technologies

For automotive applications utilizing vehicle sensors and core systems such as EV/HEV engines, we will introduce the latest power management technologies that achieve industry-leading performance based on our superior analog expertise, such as op-amps featuring industry-leading noise (EMI) immunity, as well as power supplies equipped with ‘Nano Pulse Control' technology that contribute to smaller, simpler mild hybrid and other 48V vehicles.

High-Resolution Audio Solutions

ROHM will showcase high-resolution car audio solutions for car navigation and audio systems, developed using expertise cultivated over two decades, such as sound processors for audio mixing and volume adjustment along with audio SoC that act as the brains of audio applications.

ShowStoppers Press Event Overview

Date and Time: January 9 (Tue), 2018 from 6:00pm to 10:00pm

Venue: Wynn Hotel, Lafite Ballroom

Event Sponsor: ShowStoppers, LLC,

ShowStoppers Booth Highlights

Smart Factory

The topic of ‘machine health,' which involves monitoring environmental conditions and/or equipment status to prevent breakdowns, is attracting significant attention. To address the increased costs and labor required when adding IoT functionality, users can combine ROHM's wide lineup of sensors and wireless products to easily retrofit existing equipment. Specific adoption examples as well as the latest technologies will be highlighted.

Real-Time Blood Pressure Monitoring

ROHM will demonstrate a new monitoring design that eliminates the need to use conventional methods such as electrocardiograms or arm cuffs. Simply attach the ring-shaped unit equipped with ROHM's ultra-low power, high accuracy pulse wave sensor to display blood pressure information on a smartphone in real time.