For Automotive Applications Chipsets for High-Resolution LCD Panels

Chipsets for High Resolution Automotive Panels


For Automotive Applications Chipsets

These chipsets are designed to drive and control HD/FHD-class high resolution LCD panels increasingly adopted for instrument panels, side mirrors, navigation, and other vehicle systems. Onboard components include a gamma correction IC, timing controller, source drivers, and gate drivers for driving the panel, along with a power management IC for ensuring optimum drive operation. Conventional LCD panels used in the automotive sector are typically configured using customized components and designs. In contrast, ROHM's new chipsets make is extremely easy to construct high-definition LCD panel modules.

Chipset Configuration



ROHM chipsets are designed to cover a wide range of specifications, making it possible to configure high resolution HD/FHD-class displays. In addition, the timing controller is equipped with a Fail detection circuit for verifying chipset operation.
And the setting for each output in the power management IC can be changed by simply rewriting the internal register value. This reduces development resources considerably while contributing to common board design.

Features:Supporting functional safety

Each IC integrated in the chipset includes a function for mutually detecting the expected failure mode.
As a result, it is possible to complementarily detect panel failure and confirm and provide feedback on information such as input signals to the LCD along with peeling/destruction of the LCD driver.
Supporting functional safety contributes to the prevention of serious accidents caused by the malfunction of monitors for the speedometer, side mirrors, and other systems.

Examples of LCD Failure Detection by Chipset Functional Safety
LCD Failure
Black Screen Freeze/Burn-In Display Delay
IC Error
Based on
PMIC ①Shutdown - -
②LVDS signal error
③Internal register fault
⑦LVDS signal error -
④Input voltage error
← PMIC detected
⑤No input signal
← T-CON detected
⑥Fixed output Low
⑧Indeterminate input signal -
- ⑨Input signal error
← T-CON detected
⑩Input voltage error
← PMIC detected
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