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  • What are the differences and features between standard regulators and LDOs?
    • Standard regulators are also called 3-pin regulators, with the BA178/178M series considered industry-standard products. LDO is short for 'Low Drop Out', and is characterized by a smaller input/output voltage difference vs standard regulators, making it possible to suppress power loss. In recent years, the use of LDOs that support ceramic capacitors is increasing, and models featuring low current consumption, low voltage operation, high withstand voltage, and increased miniaturization are being developed.
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  • How do you handle the NC pins?
    • Since the NC pins are not connected to the IC chip, there should be no problem even if the pins are open, but we recommend connecting them to ground from the standpoint of heat dissipation.
  • How do you improve power loss (permissible)?
    • It can be effective to change to the same product or one with similar characteristics in a larger package with higher power loss. Or if the package cannot be changed, the permissible loss can be increased by making the area of the copper foil connected to the backside heat radiating pad as large as possible, increasing the thickness of the copper foil, or using copper foil for the inner layer of the multilayer substrate. There is also a method for improving the heat sink in screw stop package products. Refer to the technical materials for details on backside heat dissipation and heat sink.
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