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  • When I try to AddList the software in MWU16, I get the following error message and cannot proceed.
    "Data record having duplicate address was found include in ..."
    Please tell me how to resolve with this issue.
    • This error indicates that an address is duplicated.
      The following are possible causes.
      (1) Duplicate addresses exist in a single file.
      (2) When multiple files are AddListed, data with the same address exists in each file.

      The following is a description of the workaround.
      (1) The vector address 00h to 7Fh of the interrupt may have overlapping definitions.
      First, refer to the map file (*.map) and check which addresses overlap.
      The overlapped area will be marked with *OVL* on the left side as shown below.
      *OVL* S CODE* 00:0010 00:004F 0040(64) (absolute)

      Please search "#pragma interrupt" and check if there are any duplicate vector address definitions.
      If there are any, delete one of them.
      Enable the option "Stop by warning occurrence" to stop the build when a warning occurs during linking to ensure that this problem is detected.

      (2) Check if the addresses are duplicated between the files to be AddListed.
      Also, when adding separately created files such as audio data and table data, it is possible that they are AddListed without offsets being set.
      In this case, set the offset and add the file when performing AddList.

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