• I tried to create a project in the IDEU8 integrated environment, but I cannot find the intended microcontroller in "Target MCU".
    • Install the model information file to display the microcontroller name in "Target MCU".

      ・ Start SetupDevInfo_j.exe located in Setup\U8DevInfo\jp folder on the package of U8 Development Tools, and install following the setup program instruction.
      ・ After installing, start the IDEU8 integrated environment, select a microcontroller name to use in "Target MCU" in the [New Project] dialog box displayed from the [File] menu ->[New] ->[Project].

      The microcontroller names displayed in "Target MCU" are identical for the flash version and temperature extension version.

      When the used microcontroller is ML610Q482P, the microcontroller name to select from "Target MCU" is "M610482P".

      *Refer to "How to Install" -> "Installing model information file for LSI" in "U8 Development Tools Release Note".

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    • Products: General-purpose MCUs (16bit) , Speech playback MCUs (8bit)