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  • For Headphone Amplifiers,
    What are the advantages of output coupling capacitor-less type?
    • It is best suited for small and thin devices because the board area and component height can be reduced. The conventional type needs a large capacitor for output coupling capacitor when trying to pass low frequency range.
      On the otherhand, the output coupling capacitor-less type can achieve rich bass sound without attenuation in the low frequency range.
      In addition, there is no pop noise at start-up because there is no DC bias at start-up.
  • What is BTL output method?
    • It is the abbreviation of Bridge Tied Load.
      It reverses the speaker both terminals to connect by using two amplifier circuits compared with a usual single amplifier. If without output coupling capacitor,it may has an advantage that output electric power quadruples.
    • Products: Headphone Amplifiers
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