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  • What’s the difference between ‘isolated’ and ‘non-isolated’? 
    • ‘Isolated’ refers to a circuit separated from the AC line in order to prevent electric shock. A ‘non-isolated’ circuit is one not shielded from the AC power source, making electrocution possible. Applications requiring isolation circuitry include TVs and A/V sets. ROHM offers a lineup of power modules (i.e. BP5710-1, BP5716, BP5729) optimized for isolated equipment. A number of consumer devics – mainly appliances – typically are not isolated, ranging from washing machines and hot pots to rice cookers and air cleaners.
  • Are any of the products UL-rated? 
    • No ROHM power supplies are UL-rated. However, the board and resin mold used in the power supplies are UL certified, and all power modules should pass UL testing if submitted by the customer. (Customers who have obtained UL certification using ROHM products exist)
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